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Thanksgiving, Road Trips and Food Poisoning…Oh My!


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Or I guess I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving since it is over and the world is officially in Christmas high gear…which I love!! But, let me back up the bus a bit and give you a few details about our holiday.

Thanksgiving as a whole was awesome! It was Foster’s first Thanksgiving and he loved all the turkey, stuffing and gravy…sike…he stayed with the peas. Maybe we’ll adventure onto those things next year. Oh goodness next year! He’ll be one next year! Ok, I digress…reining it back in.

Like I said the holiday itself was amazing. We were able to have a lot of family time. Aaron was off for four days which was so wonderful to have uninterrupted time together. When he is off work it’s so sweet to see Foster’s reaction in the mornings. He is so surprised to see his daddy is still home. His legs and arms go flailing about in excitement…love!

We got to go over my mom’s house on Thanksgiving day which was al lot of fun.I ate all my favorite foods but didn’t get too stuffed. My most favorite is my mom’s cranberry Jell-O…sooooo good!  After our meal Aaron decided to rake leaves in her backyard so he could jump into the pile he made(blast from the past) and it was so awesome! All I could think about is how much fun Foster is going to have with him doing those sorts of things. We captured one slow-mo shot of Aaron catching a football and landing in the leaves. Pretty sweet!

The next day we embarked on our first road trip. Destination Louisville, KY. It has become a family tradition to meet the LaSuer side of the family in Kentucky somewhere since most of them live in Indiana. It’s a good in between spot. Well, I’m happy to report that the first long car ride went SO well! I feel like God was smiling down at us.

My plan was to get on the road when it was time for Foster’s first nap so he would sleep about an hour. Then when he woke up he would be ready to eat so we could stop at a gas station. Then finish the last leg of the drive with me in the back seat to give him some company. Well folks….it worked!! I have found that plans rarely work but when they do I love, love, love it! So, we arrived in Louisville on time and happy.

After Foster took a short nap we met family at a local restaurant. I was starving but wanted to eat healthy since the day before had been less than stellar in the health department. So, I decided to order the Salmon salad (this is very important for you to remember). Lunch was great! All of our relatives got to meet Foster and he was thrilled to meet them. He is definitely a people person so he enjoyed every second of all the new faces he explored.

The rest of the evening was spent playing games and talking. Foster was able to spend a good amount of time with his four cousins…ages ranging from one to eleven. He was absolutely elated to play with kids and would try his best to continually get there attention. Kisses were given out by him very generously. He has so much love to give and it’s so amazing to watch it literally pour out of him.

Like I said, he was a trooper but when 9’0 clock rolled around I knew I needed to make a mama decision and call it a night. Especially since his normal bed time is 6:30 or 7:00. I think he would have tried to stay up until midnight.

We got back to our room and all ready for bed and this is where the plan crashed. I had called ahead to get a pack n play put in our room so Foster could sleep in it. Such good planning on my part…right?! Ummm, no!

Our poor little guy was absolutely terrified to be put in that thing and I just didn’t have the heart to make him stay in it. He was exhausted, confused and unfamiliar with his surrounding. So we decided to change our plan. There were two beds in our room so I would sleep in one with Foster and Aaron would sleep in the other.

After getting all situated Foster and Aaron quickly went right to sleep, but I did not. Which was really odd because normally I can fall to sleep pretty quickly. So I tried to get comfortable without moving (so I wouldn’t wake Foster) and that, ladies and gents,  is hard to do.

I was FREEZING! The sheets were so starchy that they literally made a noise when I tried to pull them up over me. The first attempt at covering myself up failed. It woke up Foster and he woke up screaming. Bless his heart. I could tell he was so scared and confused. He was also terrified that I was going to leave him somewhere. I tried to put my hand on his tummy and that offered a little assurance but didn’t last long.

The winning position of the night became putting him on top of my chest and patting his back. This is a position he loved as a newborn, so it was actually really sweet to do it again. I think he knew that I couldn’t go anywhere without him knowing in this position. 🙂

At this time it had only been an hour since we “went to sleep.” That is when I started to really be bothered with aching in my hips, legs, back and STOMACH! Plus I was freezing and it was 74 degrees in our hotel room. Doesn’t sound right, right?!

I didn’t know what was going on for a while. Then everything became pretty clear when I had to make emergency trips to the bathroom repeatedly. It clicked I had gotten food poisoning. Salmon (as I shake my fist in the air)!!! The night continued like this and I finally had to wake up Aaron and tell him I WAS SICK! He was awesome (per usual)! We switched beds and he stayed with Foster the rest of the night or morning. Whatever it was by that time.

The plan for the morning was to meet the family for breakfast. I couldn’t even stomach the thought of anything food related. We talked it over and decided to go ahead and go(insert Jerry McGuire little kid voice). I was REALLY having a hard time by this point (if you know what I mean), so we just needed to get home.

Thankfully Foster and I slept the first two hours of our drive, so when we woke up there was just an hour to go. Once we got home everything felt like a blur. I just couldn’t think straight. I told Aaron I felt like a horrible mom because I couldn’t sit upright long enough to play with my baby.

He assured me in my awesomeness as a mother (as he always does because this feeling happens quit a bit) and told me to go to bed. So, I did. I slept the remainder of the day. When I woke up I was so surprised to see that my sweet husband had finished decorating our Christmas tree! He is so much better at making it look so happy and cheery. It definitely helped me feel a little better!


We were all in bed that Saturday night by 8:00pm. 🙂  We made it and it reminded me once again that Everyday Above Dirt is a Good Day if you choose for it to be!!

Have you ever gotten food poisoning?



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