Can You Change the World?

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I grew up thinking Drew Barrymore was just the coolest! Everything about her made me want to be her friend. I loved how she dressed, her hair, the way she talked. You know totally normal not stalkery stuff. But, all of it was pretty surface. As she grew up (as did I) I started to like her even more but my reasons shifted.

I loved how kind she always seemed, how she lifted others up, how genuine she was, and how she overcame a rough childhood and decided to prevail despite her adversities. So, my thoughts of her went passed just “cool” and into respect (but let’s be clear I still think she is stinking cool)!

Now as a mom my appreciation for her has grown even stronger. She empowers other moms to feel like they are beautiful in their own skin and that they have something valuable to offer the world. She portrays beauty as more of a person and their character instead of just how they look.

As you can see my feelings about Drew(yes, we are on a first name basis now) are pretty strong, so of course I follow her on Instagram. She posted the picture I have above a week or so ago promoting her Bronze Eyeshadow that her amazing company FLOWER sells.

The whole purpose of her beauty line is to empower women by developing products that help you look and feel great in your OWN skin, and to embrace your individual beauty. That is a message and purpose I can definitely get behind.

So, you can understand why my heart sank as I read some of the nasty comments that other women were saying about her.  They were attacking her make-up, her looks and her skin. Saying how old she looked and how much better they looked in comparison. These were women of the same age as Drew just being hateful.

It got me thinking…thoughts that I’ve thought before. Why do we feel the need to tear others down in order to make ourselves feel better or to validate that we are in a better place than someone else.

I have to admit as a mom and woman I have been guilty of this. I’m not proud of it but it’s true. I think it’s probably why I like reality TV so much (another thing I’m not especially proud of). Thoughts like “at least I’m not drunk all the time like that lady or buying crazy expensive purses” go through my mind. Pretty high standards, huh?

At times I feel as if I’m grasping for anything to make me feel better about me and that comes with a price. It’s temporary and leads to comparison which after all is the thief of joy.

So, I’m talking to myself and others like me when I say let’s just stop it. Stop looking for the bad or ugly in other to make us feel half way okay. It doesn’t feel good and leaves you in a place of wanting.

I ran across this verse the other day. “We are God’s masterpiece” Ephesians  2:10. When I read that I heard like this…everyone else is God’s masterpiece, but I’m the one exception. But, I’m gonna call that thought what it is right now…a big fat lie from the pit and it smells like smoke!!

You, me and the people that may be doing better or worse than you are all God’s masterpiece.

I am going to strive to conducts myself in a way that is worthy of such a word…masterpiece, a work of outstanding artistry.

I want to be outstanding and see that others are as well. Acknowledging that art comes in all shapes, sizes and colors.

Think if we all did this…love you, yours and have the confidence to appreciate other instead of tearing them down. I have to believe that this would make our world a better place.

It takes one, then one more and rinse and repeat.

Let’s go get ’em!





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