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Birthday and Easter All in One Weekend!

I have to be honest, this weekend was uuummmaaazzziiinggg! You know why? Yes, it was my birthday and Easter but that’s not even it. It was so good because I got to spend it with the people I love most in this world…my family! When you think about it isn’t that what life is all about…the people you love! All the things you thought you needed so badly quickly lose their shine, but the people you love remain forever.

I was reminded of the importance of this recently when I went to the memorial service for one of my friends. She had been battling cancer for a while and it was finally time to go to heaven and be cancer free. Nonetheless she was very young and it is still very sad for the people she left behind. Her husband and son were amazingly strong at the service.

I know there experience was different than mine, but I do remember what that’s like. When my dad died somehow I put on a semi strong face for the memorial. I think it’s God’s grace and honestly a little bit of shock.

Anyways, I say that because it serves as an important reminder to me. We have no idea how much time we have here on earth. We have very little control over anything, but we can control our attitudes about life and each moment we are in.

It’s so easy to take the people you love for granted. So, my friend reminded me that you need to slow down and take in each moment. So, I aimed to do just that over the weekend(and everyday above dirt).

It was a big weekend! We were celebrating my birthday and Easter! Since I’m an April birthday every once in a blue moon they fall on the same day and this year it was that time again. My husband made sure to make me feel very special!!

We started off the day Saturday with a birthday scavenger hunt! Aaron had put a little note on the first present and I had to read it to figure out where the next one was. I guess that’s what a scavenger hunt is…right?

I was seriously so impressed with his rhyming and creativity skills. Hopefully Foster gets both of those traits from him. He’s definitely the more creative/crafty one among the two of us!

When I completed my hunt I had a ton of gifts…way more than he should have gotten me. The theme of the gifts were clothes and I’m so pumped about that since I haven’t bought any new clothes since I bought maternity clothes while pregnant. I have a hard time justifying buying clothes for myself, so when he does it for me I’m really excited because it takes my logic out of the equation! Plus he’s really good at picking out things he knows I would like. He’s got my style down!

Later in the day we went for a hike since it’s one of my favorite things to do! Thankfully it was such a gorgeous day! Not too hot, not too cold…just right!!

I’ve said this before but I’m gonna say it again. I honestly love how much Foster shares my joy of hiking. It’s kind of his happy place. He’s so content looking at all the trees, flowers, bugs…really whatever crosses our path. I hope we always have this in common.

I’m currently in search of a carrier that I can wear on my back so we can continue our hiking comfortably.

Then on Sunday after we all woke up we quickly made our way to the kitchen for Foster’s first Easter basket. I was so excited for my little man to see what I got for him. This age is so fun because he is so easily impressed. Everything in his basket was from the Dollar Store, but you would have thought I bought it from Nordstrom Rack or somewhere really fancy.

His favorite toy from his basket was definitely the beach ball. He has a thing for any kind of ball right now…basketball, football, beach ball! He loves them all and it’s super impressive to see how he can palm the balls already!

After having a relaxed morning together we got ready after Foster’s nap(never skip a nap if you can help it) and headed to my mom’s to have an Easter/Birthday celebration!

It was so much fun to be all together as a family. Every time we get together my mom works so hard to make sure everything is super special. This is something I really appreciate about her and I aim to keep that tradition going in my own family.

She had made delicious food, planned an Easter Egg hunt for the little boys, big boys, and for her girls!

The girls hid for the guys and vise versa. I have to say that Aaron was not as kind to me in the hiding department as I was to him. Evidence…

The Easter Egg hunt for the little guys, Foster and Hendrix, was by far the highlight of the day! It only lasted about five minutes but it was a fun memory. They were so cute trying to figure out what to do. I told Aaron it’ll be interesting to see how different their hunt is next year. It’s seriously crazy how much babies/kids change in such a short period of time!

We hung out at my mom’s house for the rest of the day. It was well passed Foster’s bed time by the time we left but he hung out like a champ! My Infantino Baby Carrier came in handy yet again!!

It was the perfect place for him to rest when he started to get tired and then when he got VERY tired, he finally fell to sleep!

He hasn’t slept in his carrier since he was an infant, so I knew he was exhausted. But, I was so glad that it was still a comfortable place for him so that he could.

We left soon after and headed home to put our sweet boy in his bed. Aaron and I hung out a bit longer but honestly fell to sleep on the couch about ten minutes after sitting down. We were exhausted too!

I am so beyond thankful for an amazing weekend with family and new memories. I have been done so good by God and I’m going to act like it!


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