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7 Ways to Make Your Staycation the Best Vacation

I am fully aware that everyone’s idea of vacation is very different and that is a beautiful thing. For us and our stage of life right now any vacation we can get becomes a staycation because it just makes the most sense for our family. In all honesty regardless of saving money(because that is a huge plus) staycations are pretty much my jam. Here are 7 Ways to make Your Staycation the Best Vacation: 

Picnic (as Yogi Bear says, “hey boo boo, it’s a pic-a-nic basket”) 

There is something about being outdoors that will immediately make you feel like you are on vacation or at least doing something different from the norm. The key is to find a park that we don’t normally frequent. This helps increase the “getting away” feel. Then we drive around Sonic or something fancy like that. Find the perfect little picnic table sit down and enjoy. It’s so much fun to be together as a family and watch other people. Yup, I come from a family of people watchers.

There is something beautiful about being together and enjoying a meal in nature…and people watching of course.

Store Visits…just for fun

In our normal everyday hustle it’s easy to rush around everywhere. The goal is usually to get in and out of places as quickly as possible. Well, not on staycation!

This is when we go to stores just for the fun of it. Peruse the toy aisles just to play with new trucks, balls and legos…and then put them back!!

Then head to the travel section to dream and plan for our Europe, Australia and Colorado travels that we will go on one day (we won’t Staycation forever).

Lastly, onto the really fun part. Buying stuff! We are saving a ton of money on travel and lodging so we can afford to buy a few items just for fun!

Explore Local Sites

Chances are that you live in a pretty interesting town with a lot to offer. As humans we tend to get in our routine and stay there, but not on Staycation! It’s a time to explore your own environment because you finally have time to do so.

Our favorite thing to do as a family is be outdoors. So, this is a time we can find hiking trails and outdoor areas that we don’t normally visit because there further away from us.

During our vacation we go, explore and enjoy our breathtaking surroundings. I know it sounds hokey but when you slow down you can enjoy how beautiful life is around you.

Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

It’s so much fun to do things that people who visit your town come to do. One of the most favorite is eating at local restaurants that we don’t normally frequent.

I mean who doesn’t love eating. It’s especially fun right now because Foster LOVES people so much. He pretty much waves and smiles at everyone he sees. Even if they don’t return the favor. So, it’s so much fun to go to new places and watch our little boy light up.

Slow Down 

This is the absolute biggest advantage of a staycation to me. You get to SLOW DOWN! I mean for pete’s sake…life is so fast! If you don’t intentionally take time to slow down you’ll miss it or at least some important parts.

With a Staycation you eliminate travel time and that can be a huge chunk of time you’ve saved. With that time you can sleep in (as long as your kid will let you). Enjoy breakfast as a family (a rare occasion for us). Play around the house or in the backyard. Have coffee together and watch your child or children play.

All I’m saying is we can hustle so hard that we miss some things in the present. Staycations help us slow down, breathe and maybe spy on the neighbors as the three amigos are doing above.

Photo Shoot 

Like I’ve mentioned time goes by so quickly so a make shift photo shoot is a perfect way to capture the moment you’re in. Foster is changing so much with each day and we want to capture each little expression. So, we put him in a cute little outfit, went to a cute little park near us and started snapping photos. Plus he got to explore with stick and rocks, so it was a win, win for everyone.

These are the times we’ll look back on with him and tell him about the adventures we had together and the love that we have for him and each other.

To me a vacation is all about your mindset. After all it is a powerful tool. If you get your mind right you can have the best vacation and never leave your home town! Life is truly about the little things that come together to make a big deal.


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