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Trying Out This BBG Thang


I’m always looking for new workouts to challenge myself. These days the workouts also need to be ones I can do from home and don’t take long to to get a good sweat on. This criteria is what led me to Beach Body Guide by Kayla Itsines.

Her program consists of three strength days; arms/abs, legs, full body.

In addition she recommends LISS which is pretty much some type of low impact cardio three days a week. Which works out well because we can hike on these days or now that Foster is old enough and has great head control I can run with him in the stroller. We have options folks!

Then eventually I’ll start doing HIIT. This is more like sprint session where you sprint for 30 seconds then recover for 30 seconds. I’ve only done that once but I felt awesome afterwards. The only reason I haven’t done it more is because it’s challenging to sprint when you have a little one with you. But, I guess that’s really just an excuse now that I’m thinking about it. I could totally sprint with him in the jogging stroller. Ok, new goal. Incorporate HIIT into my workout once a week. Okay, moving on…

That’s pretty much the gist of it. I’m on my third week of the workouts and I’ll have to say I’m pretty in love with it. Each workout takes about 28 minutes and that is the perfect amount of time for Foster to play while occasionally taking a glance at his crazy momma sweating while jumping up and down.

By the time I’m done I have a major sweat going on and my face is red. To me this is a great sign because it lets me know I had a challenging workout.

So really it’s working out well all the way around right now. Like I said I’m on week 3 right now and I’m already feeling stronger. I can do some of the workouts faster than when I started so that shows me progress.

BBG is a 12 week program. I plan to do these workouts for 12 weeks and then determine if I want to go another round.

I discovered it through Instagram and the before and after photos are really impressive! Like, really impressive! We’ll see if I’m brave enough to post mine. You’ll have to stick around to find out.

Oh and I almost forgot my favorite part about BBG. The creator, Kayla, stresses the importance of feeling and doing your best. Your progress is not about a number on a scale. It’s about you feeling proud of and liking you. This is huge to me since I’ve had major problems with the scale and eating issues in the passed. It’s a great reminder that no one else can tell you how to think about yourself. Only you, so be nice to you!

I’m sure I’ll have set backs along the way and I’ll try to share those too. But ladies and gents I’m trying something new and I don’t expect perfection. That means I’ll demonstrate the power to prevail and keep going even after I’ve had a set back.

Here’s to a hard stomach!

What is your favorite workout program?

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