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6 Month Old Foster


As I write this Im holding Foster while he’s napping and holding onto my shirt. Im also tearing up just thinking about the blessing that he is. Im not trying to be cheesy or sound good. Im just telling the truth. I feel overwhelmed and unworthy to be his mom but so very thankful!!

He is now 6 months. He’s been on this earth, in our home and in my arms for half a year but my world has changed forever. I have a longing and desire to be a better person for the person I brought into this world. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always tried to be a good person and make a different. But it’s changed, now it’s a need. I need to be great for him. Even if he’s the only one that thinks that. That’s all I need. I pray that I am the mom he needs me to be daily. That I teach him what he needs to know in order to live the best life possible and follow his dreams.

These last 6 months have absolutely been the best months of my life. I have sacrificed, been uncomfortable and confused more than ever as well and honestly none of that matters. I’m a mom to the most amazing little human I’ve ever met. Life with Foster is full of joy, love and curiosity! He greets each day with the hugest, most pure smile I’ve ever seen. With him every day is better than the last. I’m so proud and thankful to be his mom! Ok, moving onto what we’ve been up to this month….

Moving: My little man loves laying on his back and kicking. He grabs whatever he can and carefully observes it. He’s not yet turned over from back to front but he’s so close!! He can do it if I cross his leg over for him. I know he’ll do it on his own when he decides he’s ready. He sat up unassisted this month. This position lasts about as long as the interest in the object in front of him lasts. He still LOVES to stand. In this position is when he looks the most proud and excited. It’s as if he’s saying…look at me!!

Smile: His smile is such a gift and I would do anything to see it. Thankfully it’s not hard at all to get him to smile. He pretty much smiles at anything and everyone even if they aren’t smiling at him. He just loves people! My happy baby!

Food: He’s picked up the frequency of his feedings this month. Especially during the night hours. I’m not sure why. I’ve thought of a number of reasons; a growth spurt, I’m not producing as much milk, and the list goes on. But, I’m trying to keep it simple and feed him on demand. I want to give him what he needs when he needs it.

Solids: We just fed him his first real food a few days ago! After much research I decided to go with sweet potatoes puréed with breast milk. I really thought he was ready for solids since he’s been staring at us while we eat and reaching for our food. Well, I hate to toot my own horn but…toot, toot!!! He did great!! At first he was hesitant to the whole spoon in the mouth thing but after a couple days of practice he’s really getting it. When we put him in his high chair he gets excited because he knows what that means…he’s so smart. 🙂 Next on the menu is carrots then onto avocado. I can’t wait to see what kind of food he likes the most.

Sleep: Like I mentioned above Foster has been wanting to eat more during the night again. I’m not really sure if it’s comfort or hunger but I’m going with it. At night he starts off in the Rock n Play in our room. When he wakes up to eat I bring him in bed with us to feed him and we both usually fall to sleep during that process. So, he stays in our bed the rest of the night. I know I’m going against what the blogs, articles and books say. But guess what…this works for us. I’ve tried to do what the experts say and almost drove us both crazy. So, then I decided he’s just this age once so I’m going to try to just listen to MY gut and go with it. So far it’s working pretty well.

Naps: He is needing a nap about every two hours now. If we’re around people he can last longer since he loves being around people so much. I’ve been trying to put him down for one nap a day but it’s always a struggle. I end up holding him for most naps because once again he’s only a baby for so long. Plus by the time I get him to nap on his own he could have been finished with his nap. It just doesn’t make sense to me to struggle with it when I want to hold him anyways. So, I hold my little boy and pray for him and thank God for such an awesome gift!

Personality: Two words…my. favorite! I absolutely love his little personality and I see it develop more and more each day. He is such a happy little guy who greets everyone with a smile even if they look grumpy(like all the people at Wal-Mart). I know he’s brightened a lot of days with his smile. He is so excited to see people and new things. Lately he has become more curious about anything I have in my hands. He grabs for it with such determination. He is going to move mountains…no doubt about it!

My little man is perfect or at least he is to me. Through his life I’ve been given new life and I’m so grateful for that. Time is passing quickly but I’m striving to be intentional about each moment. I want to enjoy him exactly where he is in each moment. Each moment holds so much joy with my son, Foster Barrett LaSuer!

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